What... Are You?

The Project

This is a National Novel Writing Month project. As such, we're trying to create as much content as we can, as quickly as we can. (Preferably within the month of November.)

But, we're also trying something new. Rather than just putting our novel online, we're writing a novel that is written for the Internet. So, instead of just text, maybe some fine art, maybe a few photos, we can now use lots of images; we can use sound, video, and even interactive content.

Sound like fun? Have an idea? You should help us out! We can use all the help you have to offer.


Omer and Mike both served as loyal undergraduates to the overlord of The Colorado College. Since then, Mike has gone on to conquer France, and Omer learned how to use a computer.

Unsatisfied with these explanations? Feel free to contact us!

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