Contribute Code

Contributing JavaScript

To contribute JavaScript, you'll basically be giving us (by posting on the Contributions Page) an object with a function "initialize" that takes a container. You put whatever you want in that container, and your function will get run right as we place the container where it belongs in the story. That's it.

All objects should be defined in the namespace "NaNo2009Global," and you should not define anything outside of your object (to avoid clashing with other contributors)


// make 'Hello World!' appear and disappear at regular intervals (fancy!)
NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText = {};
NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.initialize = function(container)
  var text = document.createTextNode("Hello World!");
  setTimeout(function() { NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.disappear(container); }, 10000);
// make container disappear, set it to reappear again.
NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.disappear = function(container)
{ = "none";
  setTimeout(function() { NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.reappear(container); }, 10000);
// make container reappear, set it to disappear again.
NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.reappear = function(container)
{ = "";
  setTimeout(function() { NaNo2009Global.OmersDisappearingText.disappear(container); }, 10000);

I've added a few convenience functions for you (here). If you want others, let me know, and I'll add them (if they don't add too much bloat). Also, if you have any questions at all, please contact me. Questions followed by contributions are much more helpful than nothing at all.

I'm going to link one more time to the contact section, just to emphasize it.

Contributing Java and Flash

I'll happily accept code in these languages as well, though I don't have a useful system set up for including them. Basically, to add Java or Flash apps, just post them or a link to them on the Contributions page as you would an image, video, or anything else.

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